In the heart of Tuscany, in San Gimignano, a town witness of the History, Arts and Culture of our country, iSculpture has its rise, the first Contemporary Art Gallery featuring only Italian Sculptors. The art works of 24 artists welcome you in a charming historical setting, to tell you the magnificence of bronze, the alchemy of ceramics, the alabaster's transparence, the versatility of iron, the scent of wood and the marble's elegance.Its first location in San Gimignano is today joined by another exhibition space in Casole d'Elsa (SI).


The Vecchiato Art gallery promotes important Italian contemporary artists of international relevance and looks for new talents from all over the world. The gallery currently cooperates with artists such as: Mirko Bedussi, David Begbie, Cesare Berlingeri, Angelo Bordiga, Alejandro Frieri Gilchrist, Giuseppe Inglese, Corrado Marchese, Gabriel Ortega, Rabarama, Raffale Rossi, Tombolini Michele, Tony Gallo, TTozoi. The gallery has an important collection in which the following names are featured: Arman, Mimmo Rotella, Paul Jenkins, Karel Appel ecc.


The aim of Tedofra ArtGallery is that to present the artists, not only Italian, who explore the different aspects of contemporaneity, whichever the directions taken, with particular focus on the sculptural universe. The gallery currently cooperates with artists such as: Daniela Novello, Patrizia Novello, Giuseppe Inglese, Laura Bisotti, Christian Verginer, Matt Verginer, Ttozoi, Nicola Villa.

Tedofra ArtGallery

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