Giuseppe Inglese was born in Rivoli in 1978 and is currently residing in Settimo Torinese. He lived and studied in Turin where, in 1998, he enrolled at the University of Turin and undertook a bachelor of Philosophy. During his time spent at university, he focused mainly on themes concerning the ego, the world and its reciprocal relations, analysed on a psychological, sociological and philosophical level, which brought about a deeper knowledge of the sense of reality.

By directing his attention towards the deep study of Freud­Jung’s psycho­analytical theories and combining them with the latest studies in cognitive psychology, he was able to analyse the bond that exists between thought – interpreted as the experienced conscious and subconscious – and human reactions on an emotional and behavioural level. Attending Professor Rocco Quaglia’s courses on child drawing which dealt with graphical­analytical matters, a deep understanding was achieved regarding the connection between the profound ego, graphic signs and colour.

As a result of his time spent at university, attending courses held by both Prof. Giovanni Vattimo and Mauro Ferraris, he was able to enhance his knowledge on the subject of the aesthetic, leading back to its etymologic meaning of “science of the sensory perception”, of the external world as “incorrigible”, of the link between conceptual schemes and emotional experience, and between experience and mnemic imprint.

His discovery of Kant’s theoretical and pragmatical criticism, together with Kurt Koffka, Wolfgang Köhler, Max Wertheimer and the Italian Bozzi’s studies on perception, was paramount to his academic development. As a result of these studies, he was brought into contact with the Existential writings of Beckett, Dostoyevsky, Kafka and Camus which, in turn, lead him to the rational­philosophical works of Sartre and Heidegger.

It was in this context, along with the reflection of his existential self, that he developed his passion for art, conceived as the aesthetic moment of synthesis, in which all these applications materialize and the real­being reveals itself in all its completeness.

Through his time spent in various local artists’ studios, he gained a deeper knowledge of the different pictorial techniques and, in 2011, he opened his first atelier, where he developed his personal research and his artistic work.

These existential matters characterize the first, exclusively pictorial, phase of his work. It is clearly visible during his early period and the critiques from those years, that he focused his research on subjects such as the shape­background relation, the fullness of the being, its materiality, the world’s fragmentation, the confusion and the strain of living and interact with the other.

Man, “who exists because he is in the world”, lives in an ever­changing condition, plunged into absurd existential problems, out in a field of infinite possibilities which enable him to make decisions, to make plans for himself following an ethic of truth and authenticity but, at the same time, leave him obstructed and powerless.

His research soon shifted from the “presence of the being” to that of the “nonbeing”; “the nothingness brings the being into one’s heart”, wrote Sartre. From the matter to the soul, from the fullness and edginess of the matter background colours to emptiness, which acquires sense and value thanks to the graphic sign and the dynamism of the intertwined wires. Together with the certainty that art is the representation of unity and the moment of synthesis of all the instances of the being, the metal bind becomes the author’s handwriting, subconscious manifestation of his deepest inner self but also the movement and essence of the oeuvre.

2012 was a year of important change, which lead to the realization, in 2013, of the first luminescent sculpture in hand­wound wire, which characterizes the current artist’s production.

In 2013 he held his first solo exhibition and participated in the project of contemporary art installation “Presenze/Assenze” (“Presences/Absences”).

In 2014, he started collaborating with the Vecchiato Arte gallery in Padova and later on with the Tedofra ArtGallery in Bologna, which started its business with the exhibition “Incipit”, dedicated to Giuseppe Inglese and TTOZOI’s artworks.

In the same year, at the Padova Fair, “Un nuovo giorno” (“A new day”) was presented: the artist’s first monumental sculpture which immediately became part of the collection LEUCOS SPA and was presented at “Euroluce 2015 – Milan International lighting Fair” as a symbol of the company’s rebirth.

In 2014, the artist received an invitation from the management of Affordable Fair in Milan to present a monumental artwork to be exposed in the external areas of its 2015 edition. The piece, “Un Sogno” (“A dream”), 5 metres long, featured in Sky Arte’s documentary dedicated to the exhibition.

In March 2016 he started collaboration with Maelstrom Art Gallery (Milan and London) and with iSculpture Gallery (San Gimignano and Casole d'Elsa)

Shown below in detail are the artist’s most recent activities in the past few years:



- Collective exhibition of Premio Combat Price finalists at Vecchia Fortezza of Livorno

- He has been shortlisted for the eight edition of Premio Combat Prize, in sculpture and installation category

- Lucca Art Fair at the stand of Vecchiato Arte

- ArteFiera Bologna at the stand of Vecchiato Arte



- ArtePadova 27th MostraMercato of Modern and Contemporary Art at the stand of Vecchiato Arte

- Artworks exhibited in Pietrasanta at the Vecchiato Art gallery

- Lucca Art Fair at Teodofra ArtGallery’s stand

- He started collaboration with iSculpture Gallery (San Gimignano and Casole d'Elsa)

- He started collaboration with Maelstrom Art Gallery (Milan and London)

- SETUP contemporary Art Fair 2016 at Teodofra ArtGallery’s stand

- Artworks exhibited in Bologna at Tedofra ArtGallery

- Artworks exhibited in Padua at the “Vecchiato Arte” gallery


­ - ArtePadova 26th MostraMercato of Modern and Contemporary Art, at the stand of Tedofra ArtGallery and Vecchiato Arte

­ - Artworks exhibited in Pietrasanta at the Vecchiato Art gallery

­ - Artworks exhibited in Bologna at Tedofra ArtGallery

­ - Euroluce – International lighting Fair, at LEUCOS SPA’s stand

­ - Affordable Art Fair Milano, at Teodofra ArtGallery’s stand

­ - Artworks exhibited in Padua at the Vecchiato Art gallery

­ - LEUCOS SPA acquires the monumental work “Un nuovo giorno” (A new day”), making it the symbol of the company’s rebirth and displays it on the cover of their catalogue containing its design products


­ - ArtePadova 25th Mostra Mercato of Modern and Contemporary Art, at the Tedofra ArtGallery and Vecchiato Arte’s stands

­ - “Poetiche a confronto” (“Poetics in conflict”), at Galleria 20 in Turin

­ - “Memoria” (“Memory”), at Tedofra ArtGallery in Bologna

­ - Artworks exhibited in Asiago at the Vecchiato Arte stand

­ - “Incipit” (“The opening”) at Tedofra ArtGallery in Bologna

­ - Artworks exhibited in Padua at Vecchiato Arte’s gallery

­ - Artworks exhibited at “Elle Galleria” in Preganziol (TV)

­ - “Materia viva” (“Living matter”) exhibited at Galleria 2.0, Centro culturale Ariele and Galleria Aripa in Turin

­ - Artworks exhibited at “Merlino bottega d’arte” in Florence


 - “Prize Terna 05. Essere o non Essere. Con gli Altri. La rete Sociale a regola d’Arte”

­ - “Profili d’autore” (“Authors’ profiles”), at the Cultural Association “Nel centro di Settimo” in Settimo Torinese

­ - “Ordine al Caos” (“Order in Chaos”), at the Cultural Centre Zerouno and Giuseppe De Nittis’s foundation in Barletta

­ - Selected for the artistical­cultural project “Presenze/assenze 2013” from the Cultural Centre Zerouno, Apulia region, Bari, national park Alta Murgia, municipality of Gravina in Apulia, Zeterna and Giuseppe de Nittis’s Foundations.

­ - Solo exhibition at Galleria Quadrarte in Settimo Torinese

- ­ Prize Combat Prize – Blob ART; Tuscany, province and municipality of Livorno


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